Guest Blogger: Bones Jones

11 Oct

Our first guest blogger from the UK! Very exciting. Please meet Bones, here he is in his own words, “My name is Bones, I live in Stourbridge in the Black Country (an area of England that’s not Birmingham). I’m 46 and married to Mrs Bones (lol), we don’t have kids. My hobbies are falling off surf-boards dressed in tight fitting neoprene, writing stuff for cash-money, tracking down beer with no bits of fish or other crap in it and taking on supermarkets over the appalling labelling. After a long career as a journalist and Producer at the BBC, I am now setting up my own vegan catering company called Gold and Green. I support Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club and Worcestershire County Cricket Club. My ambition is to surf the Severn Bore listening to Husker Du, open a vegan bar and brewery in Cornwall, employ someone else to run it and spend all day surfing.”

Some time at the start of the 1980s, I read a piece in a Sunday paper about how chickens were intensively grown and processed, which utterly revolted and disgusted me. I thought I was going to vomit just reading the article.

And mom had cooked chicken for Sunday lunch…

I couldn’t face, let alone eat it and only just managed to retain the breakfast cereal left in my stomach. From that day, I vowed never to eat chicken or poultry (knowingly) again. As far as I’m aware I haven’t.

I had difficulty sleeping for weeks after; my dreams were plagued by haunting, terrifying images of upside down chickens, feathers casually ripped from their flesh. Brutal, unyielding machines mutilating beautiful living creatures. Scrawny necks stretched like a rubber band, bleeding to death, never having been outside their prison cage. The pervading stench of avian terror.

Just writing this, I’m suddenly back in our front room in Kingswinford all those years ago and feel nauseous again. Even the smell of chicken crisps makes me want to throw up.

I don’t know who wrote the piece that had such an effect on me – it is not really important, what matters is that those words had a profound and long-lasting effect. I am not sure if the fact that I’d been into punk rock for years helped me to question accepted ‘normals’ or whether that fact that I was always getting told off at school for constantly asking ‘why?’ had anything to do with it?

Back in those days Tim Berners-Lee had yet to invent the World Wide Web; if you needed information you had to read books or newspapers. Or go to the library. Or write letters. Or ask questions. I didn’t have any role models or anyone to ask, so I had to find out for myself.

The more I investigated, the more unsettled I became and the harder I found it to eat meat. Fish wasn’t a problem as we never had fish at home and I didn’t like eggs anyway. I started just having vegetables while my family had the meat as well. My parents thought it was odd and expected me to grow out of it, but eventually after a long struggle and a lot of research, I managed to become vegetarian.

I’d never heard of the word vegan until I left home to go to college…

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