Guest Blogger: Rika of Vegan Miam

18 Oct

Rika is a vegan Taiwanese young lady in her 20’s who travels and lives around the world writing about: vegan groceries, products, cuisine, food stalls, restaurants and even Star Alliance airport lounges.

Please welcome Rika!

Her favourite lounge was ANA at Tokyo Narita airport. Specializing in fashion editorial photography, she continues to use her professional cameras on vegan cuisine and cooking. She became vegan when she was 18 and a half at which point she focused her studies on Biochemistry. While making a commitment to saving animals her loving golden retriever died of lymphoma (an unforgivable time when Rika was not present for her death).

Rika turned vegan because of her love for beautiful creatures and wanted to be different than her “carnivores”, a.k.a her Taiwanese generations. Her family and friends had utmost difficulty accepting her as a vegan, but she persisted being one for the sake of animals and health.

Right now, she is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia until Christmas. Rika booked to Kuala Lumpur randomly while in Århus, Danmark in Spring 2009 and loved how complex and delectable vegan asian cuisine was. And now she’s back in 2011, and looking out for these malnourished cats/kittens living in the garbage slums, rough corners, and wet markets. Saving her money and fasting once a week, Rika bought nutritional cat and kitten foods and fed them in different areas on a daily basis. There were hundreds of beautiful, but sickly and malnourished cats and kittens to feed, there’s too many that she could not save, including the cat with one eye. She also gained first-hand experience with nutrition needs in the developing world by attending local Buddhist monasteries in Malaysia on a regular basis where free meals are provided.

Rika currently runs a vegan blog called, “Vegan Miam” and it began in July 2011, so it was only a few-month old blog. Miam means yum in French, which was firstly introduced by her sweetheart who came back from Paris, France in 2007.

Follow Rika on Twitter @veganmiam to keep updated about her vegan globe-trotting and animals photography.

Here are some pictures of “fun” vegan cuisine for the month of October in Kuala Lumpur that Rika likes to share with you guys, enjoy! Sorry for the repeated photos. She took a screenshot of her iPhoto albums, hehe! And Happy Vegan Bloggers Unite Day!

The last few pictures are the amazing vegan Hainan Chicken Rice and the vegan chicken was actually a wrapped beancurd. Amazing stuff. Only RM3 (less than a dollar!) for that dish!


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