Guest Blogger: A Reluctant Vegan

19 Oct

Kathryn is a magazine writer and editor living in Southern Utah. She became vegetarian when she was diagnosed with cancer and vegan when she was diagnosed with lupus. She is new at this “vegan” thing, but is willing to learn. She writes a blog called A Reluctant Vegan. Please welcome Kathryn!

Do you know me but at all?

I am often amused by Twitter bots and people who follow to try to get followers. I once posted about hydraulics and two tech companies started following me. I post about my friend’s Firebird and get followed by a Nascar junkie. And so it goes …

This last one wasn’t nearly as funny. OK, it was at first. But now I am horrified.

I posted yesterday about one of my foster cats, Boots. A couple hours later I was followed by a company that sells boots online. Pretty typical. Kinda funny. They didn’t spam me so I didn’t block or report. And I clicked over really quick to see if it was legitimate. I then clicked over to their web site to check out their designer boots for autumn.


The main page was all about the latest trend: leather boots lined with shearling fur. They proudly proclaim they use only the highest quality fur and the finest, most supple leather for these classy boots everyone will love.

To say I was horrified doesn’t even begin to describe my reaction. I can only hope it was a bot that made this account follow me because my profile clearly states I am an animal lover and vegan. Now, thanks to those boots, I have images of poor skinned lambs and dead cows in my head.

And I am sad.



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