Guest Blogger: In Her Grace

8 Nov

Our latest guest Blogger is Savannah, the writer of In Her Grace blog. Here she is in her own words, “I’m a gentle vegan soul who loves nature, animals, cooking, music, yoga. Married with 4 fur babies, all seniors, all nut jobs! I’m chronically ill, volunteer with several animal charities, walk in Brighid’s ways, and love love love animals. And France!”

Gluten Free Vegan French Apple Cobbler

I wanted to use up the apples we had that had been sitting in a bowl for however long. They were still fine, but needed to be cooked up. I looked at apple cakes and the like, but they only called for one or two apples. The recipe I found called for 5 CUPS of apples. Now that was more like it!

Having now chopped up 5 cups of apples, a cup is roughly one and a half apples. Mind you, we have organic apples so they aren’t huge red waxy shiny ridiculous things. They are slightly smaller but sweeter, crunchier apples and taste fantastic! Except I still can’t bite hard things like apples yet. Still… ugh.

I love cooking French food so when I found this recipe for French Apple Cobbler I was very excited. Although it’s not vegan, it was very easy to vegan-ize, make gluten free, and reduce the fat & sugar content also. You could easily add oats, raisins and other spices too!

Following the recipe, substitute butter for vegan friendly margarine. Obviously your sugar is vegan friendly also, I used sweetener not sugar, and forget the egg. (Duh!) I was going to use apple sauce for the egg replacement, but our apple sauce had decided to grow mould on it so I just added a little water and it was wonderful. You really didn’t need an egg, just need something to moisten the ingredients making it more doughy to hold the flour & sugar together. Very easy. I used gluten free self raising flour, and left out the margarine dollops on top of the apple mix as the recipe calls for. I don’t need the extra calories! It’s a recipe that allows you to be creative and put your own mark on it.

Popped it in the oven for 35 mins in 190C and it baked like a charm. Should really take a photo of it but to be honest, I’m so tired today I just need a sleep. But I will update later on how the family likes it. And if I get around to it before it’s eaten, I’ll snap a photo.

UPDATE: Family loved it, photo snapped, and leftovers are scarce! Definitely one I’d make again!

Bon appétit!


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