Guest Blogger: Veganotronic

19 Dec

Please welcome Rebecca, an UK blogger of  Veganotronic.  Rebecca has been vegetarian for a long time, but became interested in vegan food last year when diagnosed lactose intolerant and had to give up dairy. She has found vegan blogs and websites to be a valuable source of help and information, and so have recently started her own blog in the hope that it will be of use to someone else. She lives in the UK, and work as a statistician. Welcome Rebecca!

There are still a few shopping days left until Christmas (or, alternatively, a few days of anxious waiting for your internet purchases to be delivered). Here are some suggestions for treats to buy the sweet-toothed vegan in your life:

Fabulous Fudge Factory Dairy Free Fudge
This is amazing stuff. It’s delicious. I got some for Christmas last year, and although I am in my 30s and should know better, it had to be taken away from me so that I didn’t spoil my dinner! When I gave up dairy, one of the things that I really missed was fudge – I think this takes just like the real thing. As well as vegans, ideal for those who are allergic to dairy or who are lactose intolerant. It costs around £3 for a 200g bag. I have found it in the ‘free from’ section of Sainsburys, but it is also available in Holland & Barrett and some branches of Waitrose.
Celtic Caramel Choices
These are foil-wrapped caramel-filled chocolates. The caramel is very sweet, but I found that the chocolate had a slightly bitter edge to it so combined it was very tasty. A nice alternative to Quality Street or Roses (although admittedly without the variety). In the ‘free from’ section of Sainsburys, £2.50 for 120g.
Humdinger Dairy-Free Buttons
Milk chocolate-style buttons, without the milk. They don’t taste quite like milk chocolate, but they are very nice and would make a good stocking filler. My only complaint would be that the bags are too small, but perhaps that’s for the best! A white chocolate version is available as well, but these can be a little harder to find and are much sweeter in taste. The regular buttons are around 45p for 25g, and can be found in Waitrose and Holland & Barrett. Both the milk chocolate buttons and the white chocolate buttons can be bought in larger packs (14 x 25g bags) from Amazon.

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