Guest Blogger: Upaya Naturals

2 Feb

Our friends at Upaya Naturals have a blog and as the owners are raw vegans they’ve written a post about Valentine’s Day. Why not celebrate and get ready for the big day? Please welcome Upaya Naturals!



Once a year our thoughts turn romantic and love is freely celebrated. Why not surprise your partner with gifts?

 1. Make dinner at home
Nothing wrong with un/cooking a romantic dinner. Forget the busy tables, forget trying to get reservations, set the mood with candles and scented oils. Don’t be afraid to be goofy, no need to be formal, make something that you both enjoy; maybe the first meal you had together?

2. Perfume
Tried, tested and true, perfume is a great gift. Your partner will wear it thinking of you all year and it will hold a special place in their heart. Sentimental gifts are often the best kind and hold dear memories.

3. Chocolate
Can’t go wrong with chocolate! Everyone loves a bit of sweetness now and then. Just like our Valentine’s Special – Chocolate Lovers Valentine’s Day Bundle. Choose 6 of your favourite Sacred Chocolate Hearts, or 12, or 24!

If you’re an Upaya Naturals customer you’ve seen our suggestions via the newsletter for Valentine’s Day ideas, don’t forget to check that out and place your order soon so you don’t miss out!


One Response to “Guest Blogger: Upaya Naturals”

  1. Albert February 2, 2012 at 7:09 pm #

    Sweet ideas! Theres some good vegan valentines baskets @ that are worth mentioning. Enjoy! 🙂

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