Guest Blogger: Meszcomics

1 Mar

Vegan blogs come in all forms and Lee, the creator of the character Sin-Cat, has contributed a post. The vegan comic strips (his blog) exists to promote his comics which in turn exist to promote Animal Rights veganism, gay rights, feminism and lots of other anti-prejudice rants. Check out the Adventures of Sin-Cat here:  Please welcome Lee!

Hunting Season is upon us in the UK. This Is a baaaaddd thing. Jemima from Riot Grrrls With Jetpacks gets involved. Sin-Cat likes Ferns.



This week Sin-Cat meets a sort of skull headed voodoo woman that plays pool and grants wishes. Sin-Cat likes a pool hall. He likes to drink bourbon, talk gangsta, and crack onto any men that catch his cat glance. He also finds that the pipe cleaning fluid is often poorly guarded and he can brew it up into a ganky mess that he can swap for meth fueled dubstep mp3s.

Evil Pool Girl Boxer Punch

Meanwhile in the inexplicable Meszcomics multiverse, if you have been keeping up to date with Sin-Cat’s twitter feed you would know that he has recently married Shane McGowan. And is being menaced by Shadows.



One Response to “Guest Blogger: Meszcomics”

  1. Jane March 1, 2012 at 5:28 pm #

    This is my new favorite thing. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Thanks for sharing it.

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