Guest Blogger: Love, Fruits and Veggies

13 Mar

Please welcome Lisa, writer of “Love, Fruits and Veggies” Lisa is new to blogging, but has a long history of veganism. She has also raised her children vegan from birth, for the past 11+ years and has plenty of enthusiasm, openness and ideas to share. Please welcome Lisa!


This peanut butter smoothie is to live for, I promise. Eleven years ago, while pregnant with my first son, (who I swore was a daughter at the time) my husband ran an organic juice/smoothie shop so he got really good at making healthy drinks. Now I’ll admit that this particular smoothie is not the best choice to have everyday but ohmygoodness is it the perfect dessert when you are looking for a treat. So when I was first pregnant I got spoiled with juices and raw foods and smoothies constantly but my favorite was the “peanut butter punch”….with it’s pow of peanut flavor and the thick richness the oats bring to it, it hits the spot each and every time.

To make one serving:
1 cup dairy free milk (my fav is almond breeze)
1 1/2 frozen bananas
large spoonful of peanut butter
tablespoon of raw sugar or agave
1/4 cup uncooked oats
add ice if you like it thicker
We use a Vitamix blender which is a high powered blender and gets the ingredients nice and smooth. A great blender is truly a kitchen necessity if you are a smoothie junkie like myself.
Here are a few pics from the day today~
Safety first! Baby T loves to ride on his “bike” as he calls this but we have a very steep hill for a driveway and mama is on the Safety Team 😉 After we pick up “the brothers” from school we’ve been spending lots of time outdoors together lately because the weather has decided to change to Spring in February~
One of the many benefits to having children play outdoors is added laundry and dirty toes..I wouldn’t change it for anything~
Baby T doing his daily workout on the backyard bridge~
Our house is a modest three bedroom ranch but we bought it because of the park like setting in the back yard. It is a dream come true for three growing boys who love to explore. We have the woods behind us with over an acre of playspace and a creek that runs right through the middle of it all. This is just one tender moment in time.
Throwing rocks in the creek~
Finding tons of fossils~
“Enjoy this time while they are young” is the best advice I’ve ever gotten 🙂

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