Guest Blogger: Ranveganess – Earth Day

5 Apr

Please welcome back Ranveganess with another post, here she talks about Earth Day, this is a subject near and dear to every vegan’s heart. Like Ranveganess’ FB page here and follow her blog here. Welcome back Catherine!

Global awareness on the current state of our planet has gone up over the past years.  Many dispute whether or not we are actually experiencing global warming.  There is no doubt that we are going through some severe global climate change.  To try to counter the adverse affect of human consumption and pollution, many have rallied each year to raise awareness and encouraged proactive solutions on Earth Day by planting trees, carpooling, riding a bike or walking to work, taking public transportation, etc.  Every little bit counts.  Although these acts are very commendable, is it enough and will it do enough to help point us in the right direction?  Planting a tree will make a greener world, but how long will it take before it will make a difference?  Reducing our carbon footprint will ultimately reduce global emissions, but how much must we reduce to make significant impact?

One of the biggest producers of global emissions that is always being mentioned, but often ignored is the livestock industry.  There needs to be more done to raise awareness on just how much of a toll it takes on mother nature when we tear down forests to build farmland for animals; the amount of water required to raise crops to feed the animals and to keep them quenched; the amount of carbon, methane, nitrate, and various other green house gases created by the farming industries.  So this year, I propose a different solution for Earth Day.

Earth Day falls on Sunday, April 22 this year, which is perfect since it’s on the weekend and wouldn’t require too much work (depending on which path you choose).  This year, I propose we all be proactive and do something that will make an immediate impact.  My proposal?  Very simple.  This year on Earth Day, take it upon yourself to treat a friend, family member, or coworker to one vegan meal.  That’s right, just one.  For those on a tight budget, maybe prepare a vegan meal and invite some of your closest friends and family members to a feast of kindness and earthiness.

One meal may not seem much, but one meal devoid of meat (poultry, pork, beef, and fish) will reduce more carbon and methane emission than planting a tree or walking to work, and the impact is pretty immediate, too. Every meal we consume without meat and dairy means one less animal was slaughtered, gallons of fresh water put to better use, less methane was produced, and one less ecosystem was destroyed.  Now I know many of you will argue that one meal makes no difference since the animal production and destruction may have already occurred, but the less animal products we consume, the less the world will need to produce. In terms of economics (ECON 101),  it’s a supply and demand world, so the lesser the demand, the less we would need of this supply.  So yes it’s only one meal, but multiply that by 10, 100, 1000, etc. and you no longer have just one meal.  Who knows, you may change someone’s mind in the process and turn them into a permanent veg head. We definitely always have room for more.

Let’s take it upon ourselves to spread the word this Earth Day ⊕.  Let’s show the world just what they’re missing out on and just how much of an impact we can make if we all band together. ♥


One Response to “Guest Blogger: Ranveganess – Earth Day”

  1. The Savvy Sister April 5, 2012 at 9:55 am #

    Love this idea!

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