Guest Blogger: I Ate Lunch – Holidays Are the Best Days

5 Jun

Eating is very near and dear to all our hearts. Please meet Kristen, she is the author of I Ate Lunch. You can visit her Facebook page and like to your hearts content!

Here she is in her own words, “I’m Kristen, a twenty-something vegan with a long lunch break. For me, that means taking the time to create something deliciously wonderful to eat every day from two to four. I was raised on a mainly vegetarian diet, and have been vegan for almost two years. I always try to tell a story (or a poorly executed not funny joke) in each post, in addition to sharing recipes and food photos. I majored in creative writing at the College of Charleston, so I guess that’s why I’m prone to story-telling. Follow me on facebook or twitter or check me out over at iatelunch! But not like that. Might not go over well with the boyfriend.” Please welcome Kristen!

I am tired today. I left my car at my mom’s house last night and had to go retrieve it before work. We drank too many mojitos, so I made Alex come and take me home. Last night, too many mojitos seemed like a good idea. Especially when we were walking the dogs, moderately intoxicated, laughing so hard we were crying. Or when we were watching this for an hour straight, still laugh crying.

This morning, it became all too clear that too many mojitos were a bad thing. There was no hangover; I just don’t like waking up early. Especially after I’ve stayed up late ‘cuz I’m all jazzed from mojitos and want to watch the Battlestar Galactica mini-series again.

Then for lunch I ate guacamole and this leftover sesame tofu.

I know. That is not exciting. You could stop reading, and I wouldn’t hate you. Well, maybe I will, or maybe I will. I just want it to be six o’clock so I can go home and roll around on my couch. Or go eat sushi with my mom, and then roll around on her couch. Either way, gonna roll.

On to the food!

Over the weekend, we ate a lot. I love holidays. I’ll celebrate anything if there’s gonna be food available. This weekend, that happened pretty much three to five times a day. I put up a few pictures yesterday, but I reserved the amazingness of last night’s dinner for today.

Starting at the pickle and working clockwise, we’ve got: kale salad with apples and fennel, grilled corn and baby bok choy, black bean burger with avocado and tomatoes, potato salad with spinach, kalamatas, and artichoke hearts.

This was all so good. I was full by the time I finished eating (which was about three minutes after I started eating), but everything was pretty light.

The kale salad was a little cruncy and had an almond dressing that was slightly sweet. Grilled corn is amazing, and don’t argue with me when I say that the only way to eat it is on the cob. That is a battle you will lose my friend. The baby bok choy was very adorable, and also yummy, a little salty crunchy. The black bean burger was one of the best; it held together well, and it had cumin and cilantro which paired well with the avocado.

The winner, though, is the potato salad. It’s creamy. It has a pine nut dressing. It has kalamata olives. It has spinach. It has artichoke hearts. You might have missed this part, but it has potatoes. So, pretty much it wins. You can find the recipe here, then you can make it to eat for dinner tonight.

See ya tomorrow!

This I have posted in case you didn’t click the link I posted for you, as proof that you should really click the links I share. I promise they’re funny.


One Response to “Guest Blogger: I Ate Lunch – Holidays Are the Best Days”

  1. Kristy June 5, 2012 at 5:46 pm #

    I love that SNL sketch! Dog Show was the best, and that was probably my favorite episode!

    What on earth do you do that allows you to have a 2 hour lunch break? I’m all over that concept.

    All the food looks pretty yummy! Looks like you had a stellar weekend! 🙂

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