VBU! Link exchange

22 Jun

Hi everyone! What a fantastic week this has been and I love, love, love the heart warming emails I receive from everyone. You’re so kind and I really appreciate hearing from you. I’m hoping that we can do something really neat and have a Link Exchange.

What’s a Link Exchange you ask? Simple as can be, we both have each other’s blogs linked on each site. Most blogs have a Blog Roll and that’s where you’d add the link. As I am trying to promote vegan blogs, I think it’s a nice thing to do that we all work together as a community to help each other out.

My links: http://aireater.com AND https://veganbloggersunite.wordpress.com/

Here’s a HOW TO for WordPress:

Here’s a HOW To for Blogger:

If I’ve missed your link for some reason, please do let me know and email me: veganbloggersunite @ gmail . com  

Thanks guys! Only together can we build something.



One Response to “VBU! Link exchange”

  1. Sandra Kohlmann June 22, 2012 at 9:54 am #

    Do you have code for a button? I don’t have a blog roll on my blog, but I’d love to add a button. If you don’t have a button already, can you email me a jpeg of your logo, and I’ll make one for my blog (and send the code your way, too).

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