Guest Blogger: Lindsay is Vegan – A Day in the Life

25 Jun

With a simple name and straightforward writing style, Lindsay is Vegan is written by – you guessed it – Lindsay! Lindsay is a vegan living in Vancouver who documents her obsession and utter lack of control with delicious vegan food on her blog Lindsay is Vegan. Find her on Twitter or find her as a regular contributer on Vegan Mainstream. Please welcome Lindsay!

I write a vegan food blog where I feature my experiments with other people’s recipes and my own concoctions but I find that people are most curious about what I eat during the day. I guess it’s easy to see what I eat when I go out and buy different ingredients for a specific dish but apparently what vegans eat on the go is a complete mystery. So I thought I would give Vegan Bloggers Unite! an exclusive look into my diet of an average day! So all of you carnivores: continue reading to discover all of my vegan secrets and for all you vegans: keep reading for a thrilling day in the life of ME!

June 18th, 2012- A Day in the Life of Lindsay is Vegan

I wake up at 7:00am for an early day at work and groggily head to the kitchen while my cat verbally abuses me about (what I imagine is) the quality of her dry food. This morning I make some toast with peanut butter sprinkled with some flax seeds. I need my protein and this will fill my stomach for the next couple of hours. Plus the crunchy, chewy peanut butter is extremely satisfying first thing in the morning.

Get up and feed me. Now.

On my way to work I tell myself that I don’t need a coffee. I’m weaning myself off caffeine and can’t afford one everyone morning because it’s an unnecessary indulgence… right before I stop by Blenz for one of their perfect soy lattes.

The best part of waking up is giving up on personal pacts (I will not drink coffee…)

I instantly feel caffeinated and ready to attack my job duties when I sit down and I remember that I packed watermelon for work. Sweet, perfect, seedless, watermelon. I begin to realize that although I am caffeinated and satisfied from my peanut butter toast, I haven’t really had anything hydrating yet. So at 8:45a I decide that I NEED to eat my watermelon. I can’t risk fainting at work due to lack of H20, it would be embarrassing and I’m wearing a skirt. So I go ahead and devour my watermelon while my 2001 laptop fires up.

Watermelon: it beckons to be eaten

Around 9:30a I start eyeing my chickpea salad. I love chickpeas. If I had to live on a desert island with only 10 foods, chickpeas would be one of them. They’re filling and light and when you mix them with nuts and avocado they become satisfying like listening to Adele while drinking wine by yourself.

Rolling in the Deep: Chickpeas with hazelnuts, avocado, and artichoke hearts

However I begin to worry that I will have eaten my entire lunch before 9:00am and I’m trying to lose weight for my bachelorette party in a couple of weeks. I want people to tell me I look great but that I might be a little too skinny and then I’ll laugh and just say that I’ve been stressed and working a lot. But really I’ve been sucking lemons for dinner the past three nights. (Do not try at home)

Ultimately I decide that I have tons of time to start eating at a regular pace so that I can be smug in a bikini and eat the chickpea salad.

It’s 1:30pm and I’ve eaten my banana, a handful of almonds, some candy from my co-worker’s desk, and my stomach is ready to go again. I have 30 minutes left before I can race home and make a delicious dinner (although it’s really still lunch). It’s around this time that I begin to daydream about what exactly I’m going to eat. If Tiger Woods envisions his winning putts then I envision my perfect dinners, it’s how the elite do it.

At home I decide for fajitas (I eat them at least once a week) and dig up anything in my kitchen that I can fit inside my wraps. I decide to switch the tortillas for lettuce leaves because I’m starting to fear the image of myself in a bikini again.

Bikini-Friendly Fajitas

For the rest of the night I snack on nuts, mangos, and sparkling water. And Voila! The myth of the daily vegan has been debunked! For those of you who have always wondered, let me tell you it is a tasty and satisfying existence where every meal is treated as though it could be your last. (Unless you’re two days from your bachorlette party, then it’s basically lemon water and celery…)


6 Responses to “Guest Blogger: Lindsay is Vegan – A Day in the Life”

  1. Somer June 25, 2012 at 3:04 pm #

    Dude, I totally want to roll in the deep with that salad!!!

  2. Starr June 26, 2012 at 12:57 am #

    Your kitty let’s you sleep until 7:00! *sigh* Must be heaven… My little darling starts licking my face at 4:50 sharp.

  3. Marissa Rath (@MarissaRath) June 26, 2012 at 6:20 pm #

    I love the attitude this blogger has on life. This post made me laugh out loud after a long day of work. This is perfect day in the life of the vegan post – I am always hungry too. Especially when I know I have good food in the fridge. 🙂

  4. veganbloggersunite June 26, 2012 at 10:28 pm #

    Haha! One of the funniest posts VBU! has had. Totally thankful for such a post. Glad everyone liked it.

  5. LindsayODonnell June 27, 2012 at 12:52 am #

    Thanks for your comments everyone! I had fun writing it!

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