Guest Blogger: Vegan Life – Vegan? Obese?

26 Oct

Everyone, please meet our newest VBU! blogger, Michaela Moran, she is the author of the blog Vegan Life. Here she is in her own words, “I’m a freshman at University of New England studying applied exercise science. I hope to continue my studies into physical therapy in the next few years. I run on the cross country team here at UNE. Other hobbies of mine include surfing and skiing. Altogether, I love to be active and outdoors. My blog is about life as a vegan and all the amazing health opportunities it has to offer.” Please make Michaela feel at home and drop by her blog. Welcome Michaela!

Vegan? Obese?
The two words put together just don’t sound quite right. There is a reason for that. Personally, I’ve never met an obese vegan before, and I’d be surprised to say the least if I did. For the most part, people who choose to go vegans have at least a slight idea about the value of the foods and nutrients they are putting into their bodies. It’s practically impossible to be a vegan and not pay attention to what you are eating.

Plus, vegan foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans are low in saturated fat and have little to no cholesterol. And to make it even better, these foods have a ton of fiber and nutrients. It would be difficult to actually become obese eating a diet rich in healthy vegan foods.

All animal products, meat, dairy and eggs, are the highest foods in saturated fat.

But there’s protein…


However, unnecessary protein becomes converted into fat when digested. So that means when the average person eats meat, their body is absorbing all the fats right in it, plus, the protein that gets stored as fat. Most meat eaters do not realize just how much they are eating either. Often times the “serving” of meat a person will eat contains as much protein, or close to as much as they would need in a day. Multiply that by however many times this person eats meat in one day. Chances are they have gone over the necessary intake, meaning their body will try to convert it to fat.

Going vegan can be so beneficial when it comes to prevention of health issues. Obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are often times controlled by the individual and what he or she eats. Paying attention to what goes into your body is a huge part of developing a balanced and healthy diet. Try eating vegan for a day, maybe a week or possibly a few… it will make more of a difference than you know. You might not want to go back.


One Response to “Guest Blogger: Vegan Life – Vegan? Obese?”

  1. Livewithpassion October 26, 2012 at 12:22 pm #

    Very interesting and informative! Great post!

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