Guest Blogger: Vegan Silhouette – Coconut-Curry Vegetable Stew

6 May

And we’re back after 11 days with no internet service. Sigh. So glad to be able to present a new vegan blogger, Natalie Fitzpatrick, author of Vegan Silhouette. Here is her brief bio: Growing up on mostly vegetarian dishes, Natalie has been embracing a completely vegan lifestyle for over 5 years. Vegetables are what inspire her the most, along with soups, noodles, and any type of rice and bean combo. All the cakes on her blog were created to keep her fiancé happy. She makes a living teaching private Pilates classes and YBR workshops, which she absolutely loves to do, and spends her free time in the kitchen playing up new flavours and veggie combos. Her blog talks about fashion, food, fitness, and fun. Follow the adventures of Vegan Silhouette on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Welcome Natalie!

1/2 onion / 1/2 oignon
1 red pepper / 1 poivron rouge
4 cups Savoy cabbage (1 small) / 1 litre de chou de savoie (1 petit)
4 cups bok choy / 1 litre de bok choy
3 zucchinis / 3 courgettes
1 cup shiitake / 250 ml de shitake
1 cup white mushrooms / 250 ml de champignons blancs
2 cups of spinach / 500 ml d’épinards
4 cups of bean sprouts / 1 litre de fèves germées
4 tbsp of curry powder or more, to taste / 60 ml de poudre de cari ou plus au goût
1 cup coconut milk / 250 ml de lait de noix de coco
Salt to taste / Sel au goût

EN: Cut all the vegetables into small pieces and pile into a large covered pot. Cook over medium heat stirring occasionally until the vegetables have melted down to about half the size, about 30-40 minutes. Stir in the curry powder and coconut nut milk, then add salt to taste. Serve with rice noodles and protein of your choice.

FR : Coupez tous les légumes en petits morceaux et mettez dans une grande casserole. Faites cuire couvert au feu moyen 30 à 40 minutes en remuant occasionnellement jusqu’à ce que les légumes soient réduits d’environ la moitié. Incorporez le cari et la noix de coco, et ajoutez du sel au goût. Servez avec des nouilles de riz et la protéine de votre choix.


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