Guest Blogger: The Food Duo – Out FIRST NYC Indie Bookstore Vegan Foodie Crawl

24 May

The Food Duo is back and their second post is all about their first New York City Indie Bookstore Vegan Foodie Crawl. Read about The Food Duo‘s first post on VBU! Here they are in their own words, “We’re a couple of quirky vegan kids in NYC who play with their food! Just don’t tell our moms! Recipes, reviews, news you can use and fun stuff…all from a vegan point of view! The Food Duo is written by Macaroon (girl) and Artichoke (guy).” Keep in touch with the Food Duo on all their social media links: FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest and Instagram. Welcome Macaroon and Artichoke!

Books + Food in NYC = Happy Boys & Girls!

We love books! We love food! We love being vegan! So, we decided to roll them up into one fun day with a few friends to walk through parts of the city, exploring indie bookstores and having some vegan eats along the way! So, between the hunt for books and the hunt for good food lies what we’ve called “The NYC Indie Bookstore Vegan Foodie Crawl.”

New York City has a plethora of amazing independent bookstores. Indie bookstores each have a special quality and uniqueness that you won’t ever find in a chain shop. They have character, style and that usually a rare find that you may have been searching for years to add to your collection. It doesn’t matter if the books are new or used. There’s something about going through the racks and aisles for that one…two…or TWELVE titles that you have to have!

New York City is also a foodie paradise, which includes vegetarian and vegan cuisine. So many options in just Manhattan that you can just be completely overwhelmed. Food trucks, coffee shops, sit-downs, take-aways and dessert bars. OH MY! Each one so different from the next that when can you find the time to visit them all?

Our journey took us through the East Village, Lower East Side and SoHo where we visited 4 bookstores:

We enjoyed eats and treats at:

We had a GREAT time, even getting caught in rainstorm on Prince Street! We’re hoping to do this again this summer to explore more shops and restaurants with friends, old and new!

Here’s a little slideshow we put together of our crawl:


One Response to “Guest Blogger: The Food Duo – Out FIRST NYC Indie Bookstore Vegan Foodie Crawl”

  1. The Savvy Sister May 24, 2013 at 3:37 pm #

    Waah…I miss NYC! I will definitely visit when I’m back!

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