Guest Blogger: melodyfairitale – Nordea Riga Marathon ★

5 Jun

I love when Vegan Bloggers Unite! posts come from our fellow vegans from around the world. Our newest blogger is Elizabete Ozola, author of melodyfairitale. Here she is in her own words, “I am 17 and live in Riga, Latvia, I am a feminist and interested in both, human and animal rights, I like watching good movies, my favorites being The Virgin SuicidesMy So-Called Life ( a TV show, but whatever), SubmarinePretty in Pink and Studio Ghibli ones Spirited away for example. I also do aikido and run, but I am not a good runner at all because I’m super lazy! (and have breathing problems)” Welcome Elizabete!


Ok, so I ran a 10K race today.

I almost didn’t do that as I had strained/pulled/? a muscle two weeks before and it hurt even when walking, however many people encouraged me so I was like whatever, I won’t set any personal records, but as long as I finish it’s cool! And I did. It was incredibly hot and sunny, ~27C on the Vanšu bridge and I had to stop and walk while on it because I felt like fainting, looking back I think that I could’ve ran faster, but I can not tolerate hot weather, I just can’t.


with fellow 10K vegan runners before the start

I ran as a part of our vegan organization, but lost them just before start because I still couldn’t decide whether to run or not and had the last ~consultation~ with some nurses.


9th kilometer already!

Oh, by the way, my time was 01:10:55 (it’s the chip time), average pace being 7:05min/km, slowest kid on the block, yaay! I ran the last years 5K in 00:36:07, so there is a tiny, teeny bit of improvement, right?


Krista, Alise and Laura at the same spot only a few minutes before me, maybe I would’ve been faster if running with them?


not pretty at all ~300m until the finish



5 vegans running 10K, one half-marathoner and one marathoner <- Kārlis got 64th place of ALL marathon runners, out of 1007 runners! Badass.


no meat athlete

Bija ļoti jauki jūs visas/us satikt, neskaitot Kristu un Lauru pārējos redzēju pirmo reizi! Šodien bija tiešām jautra diena un prieks, ka vegāni ir tik izturīgi skrējēji. c:

Next on my list might be the Nike Riga Run, also 10K, have to perfect those 10K skills!



2 Responses to “Guest Blogger: melodyfairitale – Nordea Riga Marathon ★”

  1. An Unrefined Vegan June 6, 2013 at 4:33 pm #

    So cool, Elizabete! Welcome to VBU!

    • Ramsey July 26, 2013 at 5:33 pm #

      Awesome! More Vegan athletes!
      Any races happening in Riga in August? I’ll be in Riga for a month.

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