Guest Blogger: Mojo Central – Haupia: Hawaiian coconut pudding

28 Oct

Why not start the week off with pudding? Monday is hard enough and this recipe is lovely comfort food. Please welcome back returning contributor and author of Mojo Central –  Cat McDonald. Cat is a Web editor, blogger, freelance writer, mom, and vegan. Follow her blog on twitter and pinterest. Welcome back Cat!

coconut pudding in a small dish with plastic spoon

Here’s the little dish I got from Hula Girl

On a recent mad dash to catch the food trucks, for a late lunch, I picked up a little dessert from Hula Girl food truck.

It was haupia, a Hawaiian pudding, very similar to panna cotta, made with coconut milk instead of cow milk.

It was so good, I had to try making it at home.

So I mashed up a couple of recipes, hammered open a fresh coconut and used the meat and the water, added just 1/2 cup of canned coconut milk and a small amount of agave instead of white sugar.

I didn’t have macadamia nuts, but I did toast some freshly grated coconut to sprinkle on top.


knife, graters with grated and chopped coconut on kitchen counter

chopping and grating the coconut

stir until very thick

stir until very thick

sprinkle with toasted coconut and put in the fridge

sprinkle with toasted coconut and put in the fridge

haupia slices with fresh mango

Homemade haupia slices taste great with fresh mango

Haupia recipes

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