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Guest Blogger: The Unintentional Vegan – Roasted Tomato Artichoke Spaghetti

10 Aug

We love to welcome first time contributors. Meet Ashley, she is the author of blog The Unintentional Vegan, here she is in her own words,”My name is Ashley and I’ve been completely vegan for a little over a year now after being vegetarian for a year. I love creating new recipes that are (mostly) made from scratch, but are still easy enough for any skill level to make them. Making vegan food fun and accessible is my main goal and I love to share my vegan dishes at work potlucks and family gatherings. I have a cat and while I love him dearly, at heart I’m a dog person.” You can keep in touch with Ashley through her Facebook page, Twitter and of course her blog. Please welcome Ashley!

Annnnnnd we’re back to the work week! I hope you all had a fun and/or restful weekend. The fam and I went for a long hike yesterday and discovered some new trails, which was a blast. We were planning on going camping, but the weather has been sort of gross here – raining off and on with ridiculous heat and humidity – so we opted for a long day-hike instead.

Today’s recipe was born out of the husband’s desire for a new pasta dish. He loves pasta, but since I’ve been experimenting so much in the kitchen we rarely have it anymore. So, I thought I’d indulge him while still doing an experiment or two.

If you have a lot of tomatoes around from the farmer’s market or your own garden, then feel free to substitute the canned tomatoes for fresh ones – though I suggest boiling and peeling them before you roast them. One can is equivalent to about 4 medium-sized fresh tomatoes.

Balsamic Roasted Tomato and Artichoke Spaghetti

The balsamic gives the dish a nice tang and the overall dish seems a bit more refined than the normal spaghetti with marinara sauce. Serve with French bread and sprinkle a bit of Italian seasoning over the top for a yummy pasta dish!