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Guest Blogger: As Raw As You Wanna Be – Chewy Chocolate Orange Cookies

8 Dec

Who doesn’t love a good cookie? I know I certainly do. Please meet our newest contributor is Chef Chris Jolly, the author of his blog As Raw As You Wanna Be. Today he’s sharing his first recipe with us and hopefully many more.

Chef Chris Jolly is a vegan chef specializing in raw foods. Chef Chris serves oversees the raw food production at North American Vegetarian Society’s Summerfest, one of the largest vegetarian conferences in the world. He has written for Natural Awakening Magazine, written for and been featured in the Asbury Park Press, and his recipes and products have appeared on Glamour.com and OneGreenPlanet.Org among others. Chef Chris lives in San Diego where you can catch him relaxing on the beach, hiking a mountain and generally keeping it classy in America’s finest city.

Check out Chris on his social media channels: Facebook, Instagram. Welcome Chris!

I love cookies! Come on…who doesn’t like cookies? They are sweet, delicious, chewy, crumbly and handheld. This is another super duper easy to make raw food recipe that requires little time and can be recreated in moments with no advanced technique required–and it is delicious. I do use agave in this recipe, but if there another liquid sweetener that you prefer such as coconut nectar, yacon or maple syrup, feel free to substitute instead. Another great swap is to use a 1/2 cup of pitted and soaked dates in place of a liquid sweetener. There is a little coconut sugar in these cookies additionally. Feel free to omit if you like, but these are cookies, so a little decadence is essential.

Chewy Chocolate Orange Cookies

Makes 1 dozen large or 2 dozen medium cookies
2 cups cashews
3/4 cup cacao powder
1/2 cup shredded coconut
 1/2 cup agave nectar
1/2 cup coconut sugar crystals
2 T orange juice
1/2 T vanilla (powder, bean, extract)
2 t pink Himalayan salt
2 pinches orange zest

Add all ingredients to a food processor and process for about a minute until you have a uniform mixture. Use a cookie scoop or your hands to form into cookies and place on a lined dehydrator tray. Dehydrate for 2 hours at 115 degrees. For a different twist on this treat form into small balls, transfer to freezer to set and then dunk in your favorite ganache/chocolate sauce.

And remember–if you’re supposed to be taking photos to share with people, make sure you remember before eating half the cookies…I told you they were delicious!

Guest Blogger: The Global Girl – Green Juice Recipe

2 Aug

Please welcome a frist time contributor to VBU!, Ndoema, here she is in her own words, ” I am a triple citizen and I’ve lived in a dozen countries around the world. I’m passionate about Fashion, Green Living and Nutrition. I share my passions at my newly launched Style and Lifestyle Blog The Global Girl. I’ve thrived on a plant-based diet of over 20 years now. First as a vegetarian, then for over 15 years as a vegan and over 5 years ago I transitioned to a raw vegan/frutarian diet. I’ve never felt better in my life! I’m on Day 67 of my second 92-Day juice fast which I’m chronicling on my blog. It’s the most rewarding and life transforming journey!” What fantastic dedication.

You can connect with Ndoema here:
Instagram: @theglobalgirl – http://instagrid.me/theglobalgirl
Please welcome Ndoema!

Green juice recipe for 92-day juice feast: Green Juice with tomato, cucumber, kale and basil.

This green juice is one of the staples of my 92-day juice feast.

When I was first introduced to juicing, I loved the idea right away. I bought a juicer, ran to the nearest farmer’s market, came back with three heads of cabbage and threw them down the chute. Then…. I attempted to drink this down. I gagged on it and thought juicing may be good for you but it’s absolutely disgusting! Well for all juicing newbies out there, I hope this will save you the unpleasant experience. I’ve learnt over the years that hitting the right combination and the right proportions makes a world of difference. Choosing your base is very important (meaning the bulk of your juice), and using tomato and cucumber is always a win. It’s really a mild and appealing combination that makes getting your greens down really easy. Herbs take any juice to the next level, so I really recommend adding fresh, fragrant herbs to your juices. I use a variety of herbs but basil is my absolute favorite. Just a tiny bit makes a huge difference. Kale (or spinach) to pump up the green intake is great. I can easily juice an entire head of kale at a time but if you’re just starting out I’d recommend adding just a few leaves and tasting as you go to make sure the juice isn’t turning “hard core” green. Adding a lemon (with the skin if it’s organic and you know for sure it hasn’t been waxed) helps to cut that “green” taste down if you’re not too into it. I like to add a clove of garlic or a little green onion to make it extra savory especially at night. Makes me feel like I’m having a meal. I even serve it in a bowl and sit at the dinner table and believe me it helps.

4 large cucumbers (peeled if waxed)
5 large tomatoes
1/2 bunch of Kale (or more to taste)
1 bunch of basil
1 garlic clove
Green onion to taste

Green juice recipe for 92-day juice feast: Green Juice with tomato, cucumber, kale and basil.
Green juice recipe for 92-day juice feast: Green Juice with tomato, cucumber, kale and basil.
Green juice recipe for 92-day juice feast: Green Juice with tomato, cucumber, kale and basil.
Green juice recipe for 92-day juice feast: Green Juice with tomato, cucumber, kale and basil.