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Guest Blogger: Rubber Cowgirl – Saving the World One Bite at a Time!

16 Jul

Please welcome back Rachel, author of Rubber Cowgirl. Her blog is named for her boots! Six years ago, she read Skinny Bitch and decided to go Vegan. Her life has never been the same! Her health improved, her jeans got a lot smaller, she learned how to cook and how to grow a garden. Going vegan is the most delicious way to secure your own health and protect our planet, so eat your greens! Rachel’s previous VBU! post was a recipe for Enchillasagna with Cauliricotta Please join Rachel on Twitter, and of course her blog. Please, welcome back Rachel!

I just returned from vacationing in one of my very favorite places: Traverse City, Michigan.  Located on a temperate northern bay of Lake Michigan, the Traverse City area is famous for its tart cherries and hosts a Cherry Festival the first full week of July.  It’s a great destination for food lovers, with an emphasis on fresh, local cuisine; spend a day tasting wines in the many beautiful vineyards on the Leelenau Peninsula, or visit one of several localmicrobreweries.  Traverse is also a great destination for lovers of the outdoors, whether your preference is for beaches and hikes or kayaks and bikes, there are lakes and trails galore, so go ahead and work up an appetite!

Michigan is my home state, and I will always love it.  Every time I visit I am pleased to find more and more vegan options on restaurant menus, so to all the Vegans of Michigan, thanks for making a fuss!  Gone are the days of tormenting your poor waitress with a million billion questions about what’s in this and what’s in that and can I please just have some veggies sauteed in olive oil?  Nowadays, at considerate culinary establishments, vegan and gluten free options are clearly marked on the menu!

Red Ginger, 237 East Front Street, downtown Traverse City

Take for instance Red Ginger, my favorite restaurant in Traverse City.  Happily, an Asian fusion restaurant is one of the best places to find tasty vegan eats when traveling!  Red Ginger has great food, great cocktails, great atmosphere, great location and excellent service!  I always look forward to eating there and enjoying some happy hour specials.  Though I wouldn’t expect any less from a restaurant under my sister Jo’s management, I write without prejudice: my meal was superb!  I went for a late lunch and enjoyed a tall Kirin Ichiban with edamame for an appetizer and then tried the vegan version of their Pad Thai made with local organic tofu and veggies.  Delicious!

Vegan Pad Thai at Red Ginger
Red Ginger interior
the chef’s counter
many types of seating available – bar, booth, patio…