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Guest Blogger: Veggie V’s Vegan Adventure – gRAWnola

30 Oct

Love having new people join the VBU! family. One blogger is Veronica, aka Veggie V’s Vegan Adventure. Veggie V, long-time vegetarian turned vegan, has been blogging at Veggie V’s Vegan Adventure for over year and has loved every minute of it! Currently consuming a high-raw, vegan diet, Veggie V enjoys creating new and exciting vegan treats to share with the masses. Please join Veronica’s adventures on her blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Welcome Veronica!

I finally did it; I made gRAWnola!

After reading a lot of recipes for raw granola, I finally settled on a combination I thought would suit me. And it did 🙂


1 c buckwheat groats, soaked

1 c almonds, soaked

1/2 c pumpkin seeds, soaked

1/2 c sunflower seeds, soaked

1 TBSP hemp seeds, heaping (not soaked)

1 c dates, soaked

1 TBSP (or more) date soaking water

1/4 c raisins, organic

1/4 c currants, organic

Optional add-ins: cinnamon, dash salt, cacao nibs, vanilla, other seasonings

First, make the date paste by blending the soaked dates and about 1TBSP of the date soaking water. (Use more if necessary.) You want the paste to be thick, but not too thick. It’s going to be used to make everything stick together. (NOTE: If you want to add a touch of vanilla flavor to your gRAWnola, add it to the date paste.)

Rinse and drain the oat groats very well. Add them to a bowl. Add the rinsed and drained almonds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds to the same bowl. Add the raisins, currents, and hemp seeds to the bowl. Add any additional seasonings at this time. Finally, add the date paste, and stir to combine. Spread mixture onto dehydrator mesh sheets in a thin enough layer so nuts and seeds aren’t on top of each other, but not so thin that mixture isn’t sticking together. (If your gRAWnola contents are too small and fall through the mesh sheets, start your gRAWnola on a teflexx/paraflexx sheet, and transfer it to a mesh sheet after a few hours. To transfer, lay a mesh sheet on top of the teflexx/paraflexx sheet and flip.) Dehydrate for about an hour at 145F and at 110-115 for about 12 more hours.

Taste test your gRAWnola along the way. You might want it a bit chewier or a little more crisp. Dehydrate accordingly.

Oven directions: If you don’t have dehydrator or don’t want to use one, place your mixture on a parchment lined baking sheet (or use a Silpat) and bake at the lowest temperature your oven will accommodate until the mixture has reached the appropriate consistency. Check the mixture after two hours and then at least hourly after that. I haven’t tried this method, but I assume it will take at least 2-3 hours. (Kale chips done this way take 4-7 hours in my oven, which goes down to 170F.) Your gRAWnola won’t be raw anymore, but it will still be delicious!

Store your gRAWnola in an air-tight container. I have the best luck with a zip-top plastic bag (even better than a glass jar or glass bowl). Try eating it alone or with your favorite non-dairy milk.

Nut/Seed Free Options: Change up your add-ins! Don’t want to use nuts? Don’t! Don’t want to use seeds? Don’t! No hemp seeds? No problem! Try chia seeds, flax seeds or meal, sesame seeds, or don’t include any tiny seeds. The extra omega 3’s are nice, but not necessary.

Date Paste

Guest Blogger: A House Full of Health – Such a busy day! Testing!

8 Oct

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to my fellow Canucks. Hope everyone is enjoying the magic that is Vegan Mofo. Please welcome back a veteran VBU! contributor – Marsha, author of the blog A House Full of Health. You can see her first post for VBU! here, second and third. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and of course her blog. Welcome back Marsha!

First day of Vegan Mofo and here I am blogging at 7pm! Yes, I’m behind! But, let me tell you about my day.

I woke 12 hours ago ready to start my day. For the last 2 weeks I’ve been “testing” recipes for a business venture I’m looking to pursue. Plant-Based Personal Chef. Today was another testing day. My steps are simple. Go grocery shopping, pick up fresh bread (if needed), cook, package, dishes (interlaced throughout the day). Sounds easy, right?

Wow! It’s hard work! Rewarding. But, taxing. Maybe I’m just getting old??!!

Last night I took some time to prepare my menu for the week. I used to do this on Thursday evening to subsequently shop on Fridays but with shopping on Mondays, for the time being, busily worked on it last night. Anyway, when preparing a menu I decide on what we will be having for dinner each night as well as ingredients I need to get and at which store. I then wrote down each item I would be cooking including all the “kitchen gadgets,” I would need and all the ingredients for each. This makes it easier to know how many total carrots (or other item) I would need. This makes prep that much easier.


Monday: BBQ Ranch Quinoa Salad. This is a recipe I was so excited to try off of Wendy Polisi’s page Cooking Quinoa.  This is to be served with chips and salsa. Guacamole too!

Tuesday: Since I’ve gotten in the habit of salads on Tuesdays I’m keeping with the theme. Big Ole Salad night! With a Country French bread.

Wednesday: Pita sandwich. Filled with a quinoa, chickpea salad. With black-eyed pea hummus. Sweet potato fries as a side dish.

Thursday: Chili (oh yes! It’s that time of year again. I can finalize my recipe!) with rice. Cornbread as a side dish.

Friday: Spaghetti with “meatballs.” Garlic bread as a side

Saturday: Tunisian Bean Stew with Country French Bread. Salad as a side dish. I was wanting to use pumpkin since it’s October and all so I found a great recipe on Susan’s website, Fat Free Vegan.

Sunday: Roasted Squash stuffed with quinoa. Cranberry green beans (getting ready for Thanksgiving too!) as a side dish.

One thing I learned in Culinary School (among many, of course) was getting everything ready for prep. Mis En Place. If I need carrots for 4 of my recipes it would be best to get them all prepped at once. It does seem to make things a tad easier.

I felt as though I had an assembly line going on for produce. I had 7 onions to cut!

One of my favorite kitchen gadgets, my egg slicer. Although, I never use it for eggs. Funny, huh? I use it for mushrooms. Sometimes black or green olives. It’s so convenient and easy to use!

For my chili I roast up some red bell peppers and jalapenos. Today, I did something a little differently. I cut the red bells into large slices. The jalapeno, I cut in half. I roasted that way, it was actually easier than doing them whole. I love roasted veggies!

I believe I sauteed a pound a half of mushrooms today. I guess I like to incorporate mushrooms. They are so flavorful, meaty, and full of great nutritious value.
Today’s cook took 8 hours. That’s not including the 2 hours it took to shop. I’m still learning and I’ve realized this one every recipe I chose had many components. Each one took longer than anticipated which is why my 5-6 hour cook time ended up being extended. I’m in learning mode, that’s for sure.
I’m wiped!
We are certainly prepared for the week. And, the hubby got dinner on the table tonight. He did the finishing touches so I could spend some time with my little one.
This is why I do this! More time with the family. So, yes, a little late on my blog but I have a good excuse, right? And, I now have dinner for the week! Yay!
What time savers do you do in the kitchen?
Do you ever prepare meals ahead of time?


Guest Blogger: La Vida Vegga – VeganMoFo 101: Let the MoFo-ing Begin!

1 Oct

Happy Vegan MoFo everyone! So excited for all the fantastic blogs that signed up. I’m sure the recipes are going to be amazing and just mind blowing. Every year I think man, people are too creative and it shows. We have a brand new VBU! contributor – Kelly, author of La Vida Vegga, her post is perfect to kick off VeganMofo. Here she is in her own words, “I’m a born-and-bred Rhode Islander living in Madison, Wisconsin. Being vegan in America’s Dairyland isn’t always easy, but I make it work. If I’m not in the kitchen cooking up something delicious, I’m giving belly rubs to my Ewok-ian dog, working on some sort of crafty project, or blogging over at La Vida Vegga, my humble little home on the web. Come say hi sometime!” Keep up with Kelly at her blog, and Twitter account. Welcome Kelly! Happy first day of VeganMoFo everyone!

Orange banner with the words Vegan Month of Food 2012.

Perhaps, in your wanderings around the world wide web today, you’ve noticed a preponderance of animal-free foods. Or maybe you logged into Google Reader this morning and found far more unread items than you’ve ever encountered on a Monday morning. Don’t worry; you’re not imagining things – this, friends, is the first day of VeganMoFo. If you’re a vegan who likes food and blogging, chances are good that you’re already familiar with the wonder that is VeganMoFo. If you’re not acquainted with it, boy howdy, are you in for a treat!

Treats? I love treats! What’s Vegan MoFo?

No, it’s not your answer when someone asks about your dietary preference (“Vegan, mofo!”). It’s the Vegan Month of Food, a month-long celebration of cruelty-free, conscience-friendly, and oh-so-delicious eats. VeganMoFo was the brilliant brainchild of a few folks at the PPK (that’s Post Punk Kitchen to you!), and this is its sixth year running. Participants pledge to post anything and everything related to vegan food for at least 20 days in October, although some folks go all-in and post every single day. I’ve taken that approach since I first started participating in 2009, and it’s both exhilarating and exhausting. (I like to take breaks by posting about simple meals… like roasted delicata squash rings. So good.)

Close-up of the squash circles.


What makes VeganMoFo special is that all participants, even our meat-eating friends, must promise not to post any non-vegan food during October. This saves us from seeing images of raw chicken wrapped in bacon, topped with mozzarella, and deep fried in lard (or whatever it is that omnis are into these days) when all we want is to look at a picture of a pretty vegan cupcake, damn it. VeganMoFo is all vegan, all the time!

I love vegan cupcakes. What else will I see?

If you’ve never gone blog surfing during VeganMoFo, this month is gonna blow. your. mind. Many bloggers spend months planning and coming up with truly amazing themes. Last year, the Wikos took us on a culinary tour of street food around the world, from Buenos Aires to Sri Lanka to Seoul and all points in between. And Cara from Fork and Beans delighted us with adorably cute Halloween-themed delicacies that’d make Martha Stewart green with crafty envy. I’ve never quite managed to come up with a single theme for the entire month, but last year I did a couple of Recipe Showdowns (pitting three recipes for a single dish against one another) that were quite popular. Eating mac & cheeze and brownies all month long… sigh. The life of a MoFo blogger is hard, y’all.

A photo of three brownies stacked on a plate; they're obviously fudgy and have a crackly top layer!

The winning brownie recipe!

This year promises to offer just as many inspiring themes. Lidia, who blogs at Air Eater and coordinates Vegan Bloggers Unite! will share an entire month of raw pizzas. Cold and Sleepy Cooks will feature 31 days of dips. And Cadry from Cadry’s Kitchen will create a month’s worth of delightfully fun themed dinner parties. These folks and 500+ others will pull out all the stops to make October the most mouth-watering month of the year.

Okay, Kelly, I am thoroughly convinced that VeganMoFo is the greatest thing since vegan marshmallows. How can I participate?

If you haven’t signed up to participate, it’s too late to get into the official blogroll (though you could certainly participate in spirit!). If you’re not a blogger, the best thing you can do is read, read, read and comment, comment, comment! First, check out the blogroll and subscribe to one (or all!) of the RSS feeds using your reader of choice. Then, prepare to be inundated with a flood of awe-inspiring posts. And please do comment on them – your support and cheering-on really does give participants the motivation to continue posting! And don’t just comment on those super-popular blogs that already have 200+ comments by the time you settle down with your Google Reader and a giant mug o’ coffee on a Sunday morning – support the little guys, too. They’ll really appreciate it. And by they, I mean we. 😉

As MoFo progresses, check out the official MoFo blog and website for best-of posts, troll the PPK forums to see people’s favorites, and let us know you’re reading! And if you begin to get MoFo fatigue halfway through October when your reader has 1000+ unread items, you haven’t slept in two weeks, and you’re turning as orange as an Oompa Loompa from making at least two pumpkin-based recipes every day… take a breath, mark everything as read, and start fresh. It’s okay. We won’t blame you for not reading every single post.:)

Got questions? Leave me a comment! And stop by my blog during MoFo – I’ve got lots planned, including more Recipe Showdowns. Want a sneak peek? Oh, fine, since you asked so nicely:

Glass baking dish with pumpkin cinnamon rolls drizzled with a white icing.

Pumpkin cinnamon roll showdown – commence!

Happy MoFo, y’all!

Vegan Mofo 2011!

1 Oct

It’s time and the pressure is on! Ooh, the excitement, the challenge to make something every day. Amazing how we make food every day, but to blog about it is a challenge.

What’s your theme!? Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have guest bloggers for Vegan Mofo. Let’s showcase your talents! Comment or email and let me know!