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Guest Blogger: La Vida Vegga – VeganMoFo 101: Let the MoFo-ing Begin!

1 Oct

Happy Vegan MoFo everyone! So excited for all the fantastic blogs that signed up. I’m sure the recipes are going to be amazing and just mind blowing. Every year I think man, people are too creative and it shows. We have a brand new VBU! contributor – Kelly, author of La Vida Vegga, her post is perfect to kick off VeganMofo. Here she is in her own words, “I’m a born-and-bred Rhode Islander living in Madison, Wisconsin. Being vegan in America’s Dairyland isn’t always easy, but I make it work. If I’m not in the kitchen cooking up something delicious, I’m giving belly rubs to my Ewok-ian dog, working on some sort of crafty project, or blogging over at La Vida Vegga, my humble little home on the web. Come say hi sometime!” Keep up with Kelly at her blog, and Twitter account. Welcome Kelly! Happy first day of VeganMoFo everyone!

Orange banner with the words Vegan Month of Food 2012.

Perhaps, in your wanderings around the world wide web today, you’ve noticed a preponderance of animal-free foods. Or maybe you logged into Google Reader this morning and found far more unread items than you’ve ever encountered on a Monday morning. Don’t worry; you’re not imagining things – this, friends, is the first day of VeganMoFo. If you’re a vegan who likes food and blogging, chances are good that you’re already familiar with the wonder that is VeganMoFo. If you’re not acquainted with it, boy howdy, are you in for a treat!

Treats? I love treats! What’s Vegan MoFo?

No, it’s not your answer when someone asks about your dietary preference (“Vegan, mofo!”). It’s the Vegan Month of Food, a month-long celebration of cruelty-free, conscience-friendly, and oh-so-delicious eats. VeganMoFo was the brilliant brainchild of a few folks at the PPK (that’s Post Punk Kitchen to you!), and this is its sixth year running. Participants pledge to post anything and everything related to vegan food for at least 20 days in October, although some folks go all-in and post every single day. I’ve taken that approach since I first started participating in 2009, and it’s both exhilarating and exhausting. (I like to take breaks by posting about simple meals… like roasted delicata squash rings. So good.)

Close-up of the squash circles.


What makes VeganMoFo special is that all participants, even our meat-eating friends, must promise not to post any non-vegan food during October. This saves us from seeing images of raw chicken wrapped in bacon, topped with mozzarella, and deep fried in lard (or whatever it is that omnis are into these days) when all we want is to look at a picture of a pretty vegan cupcake, damn it. VeganMoFo is all vegan, all the time!

I love vegan cupcakes. What else will I see?

If you’ve never gone blog surfing during VeganMoFo, this month is gonna blow. your. mind. Many bloggers spend months planning and coming up with truly amazing themes. Last year, the Wikos took us on a culinary tour of street food around the world, from Buenos Aires to Sri Lanka to Seoul and all points in between. And Cara from Fork and Beans delighted us with adorably cute Halloween-themed delicacies that’d make Martha Stewart green with crafty envy. I’ve never quite managed to come up with a single theme for the entire month, but last year I did a couple of Recipe Showdowns (pitting three recipes for a single dish against one another) that were quite popular. Eating mac & cheeze and brownies all month long… sigh. The life of a MoFo blogger is hard, y’all.

A photo of three brownies stacked on a plate; they're obviously fudgy and have a crackly top layer!

The winning brownie recipe!

This year promises to offer just as many inspiring themes. Lidia, who blogs at Air Eater and coordinates Vegan Bloggers Unite! will share an entire month of raw pizzas. Cold and Sleepy Cooks will feature 31 days of dips. And Cadry from Cadry’s Kitchen will create a month’s worth of delightfully fun themed dinner parties. These folks and 500+ others will pull out all the stops to make October the most mouth-watering month of the year.

Okay, Kelly, I am thoroughly convinced that VeganMoFo is the greatest thing since vegan marshmallows. How can I participate?

If you haven’t signed up to participate, it’s too late to get into the official blogroll (though you could certainly participate in spirit!). If you’re not a blogger, the best thing you can do is read, read, read and comment, comment, comment! First, check out the blogroll and subscribe to one (or all!) of the RSS feeds using your reader of choice. Then, prepare to be inundated with a flood of awe-inspiring posts. And please do comment on them – your support and cheering-on really does give participants the motivation to continue posting! And don’t just comment on those super-popular blogs that already have 200+ comments by the time you settle down with your Google Reader and a giant mug o’ coffee on a Sunday morning – support the little guys, too. They’ll really appreciate it. And by they, I mean we. 😉

As MoFo progresses, check out the official MoFo blog and website for best-of posts, troll the PPK forums to see people’s favorites, and let us know you’re reading! And if you begin to get MoFo fatigue halfway through October when your reader has 1000+ unread items, you haven’t slept in two weeks, and you’re turning as orange as an Oompa Loompa from making at least two pumpkin-based recipes every day… take a breath, mark everything as read, and start fresh. It’s okay. We won’t blame you for not reading every single post.:)

Got questions? Leave me a comment! And stop by my blog during MoFo – I’ve got lots planned, including more Recipe Showdowns. Want a sneak peek? Oh, fine, since you asked so nicely:

Glass baking dish with pumpkin cinnamon rolls drizzled with a white icing.

Pumpkin cinnamon roll showdown – commence!

Happy MoFo, y’all!